Crazy World Records

We've showed some bizarre world records before, featuring big noses and huge pizzas. Here is another selection of crazy world records.

Biggest bubble gum bubble: 20 inches

Biggest working gun: 400 inches

Longest female legs: 51.9 inches

Longest dog tongue: 4.5 inches

Widest mouth: 6.69 inches

Most albino brothers: Christopher, Joshua and Brendan Gaulin from Canada

Hairiest teenager: Supatra Sasuphan from Thailand

Heaviest weight lifted by tongue: 27 lb

Most spoons balancing in head: 17

Most watermelons cut in half on a bare stomach in one minute: 25

Fastest toilet: 42.25 mph

Fastest time to cram into a box: 4.78 seconds

Biggest (natural) breasts: cup 102ZZZ