Unusual speakers

Everybody loves music! The question is, how much money are you willing to spend on some good speakers? Price, size and quality are important in making the decision what speakers to buy. Appearance shouldn't matter too much! Although... We made you a list of speakers that look pretty cool.

500 XL Designer: Fred&Friends

Dreyfuss Special Designer: Lee & Kim

Ferguson SpeakersDesigner: Ferguson Hill

FlatSonic Designer: Oliver Thiele

HangBowlin Designer: Sanne Salovaara

Hearring Designer: Kfir Schwalb Kfir

Hendekagram Designer: qed

Leafbud Designer: Seungmin Jun + Jun Seungmin, Jeon Hwan Ju, Yang Soon Young, Kim Ji Soo, Jeong Song Eun, Son Won Ho

Magic Spheres Designer: Morteza Faghihi

MegaPhone Designer: en&is

Moonlight Speakers Designer: Moonlight USA

Nautilus Speakers Designer: Bowers & Wilkins

Orb Speaker Designer: Pieter Maes

Peas Speaker Designer: Lu Le

Pig Speaker Designer: I.D.E.A.

Sound Garden Designer: JVC

Soundhive Designer: Oskar Daniel

Designer: Sherwood Forlee

Subsonic Chair
Designer: Greg Ball

Woofer Speakers
Designer: Sander Mulder