Top 10 hotels with the most beautiful view

1. Banyan Tree (Bangkok, Thailand)
This hotel is famous for its gorgeous view over town. On top of the building, 61 floors above street level, is the Vertigo Bar. Simply awesome.

2. Fasano Rio (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
An infinity pool on the roof and a view over Arpoador beach, the mountain Two Brothers and mountain Corcovado with the famous statue Cristo Redentor on top.

3. Hotel Tremezzo (Lake Como, Italy)
Hotel Tremezzo is the oldest hotel at Lake Como. It's a Art Nouveau palace with a panoramic view over the lake, the seaside resort Bellagio (the source of inspiration for that other famous hotel) and in the background the Grigne Mountains..

4. Kasbah Tamadot (Atlas Mountains, Morocco)
At the height of 1320 meters this hotel has an amazing view over the Atlas Mountains. Richard Branson bought the hotel after spotting it during a balloon flight.

5. Laucala (Laucala, Fiji)
Located on the Nawi Hill in Fiji this hotel has a stunning view over the Pacific.

6. Llao Llao Hotel (Bariloche, Argentina)
This hotel is situated in the middle of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and has a gorgeous view throughout the year.

7. The Standard (New York, the United States)
View over the Hudson River and the beautiful skyline of New York City.

8. The Twelve Apostles (Cape Town, South Africa)
Stunning view over Cape Town and the Twelve Apostles mountains range.

9. The Yeatman (Porto, Portugal)
This hotel is located at the Duoro river and has a great view over the old part of Porto.

10. Wildflower Hall (Shimla, India)
At the height of 2500 meters in the Himalayas the view of this hotel can only be spectacular.