Geeky Game Gadgets

Geeks are gaining popularity. Dedicated gaming used to be synonymous to living an unhealthy bachelor life in a dark room. Nowadays geeky fashion is hot! We made a selection of the best geeky game gadgets. Enjoy!

Space Invaders iPhone 4 case
A classic among the games. Space Invaders turned many kids into game addicts. Now there is a Space Invaders iPhone 4 case. A cool gadget! Available here.

Pinball machine for iPhone
Play one of the most popular arcade games on your iPhone! Geeky, but awesome. Available here.

iPhone 4 Gameboy case
A tribute to the greatest portable gaming device ever: the Gameboy. The Gameboy iPhone case might be the coolest iPhone case ever! Available here.

8-Bit tie
8-Bit games can still be awesome to play. Pay tribute to those simpler times with this great 8-Bit tie. Available here.

The joystick and buttons are connected to the iPad via bluetooth. All you have to do is download your favourite classic games. Available here.

iPad arcade stick
This awesome gadget is perfect for arcade lovers like ourselves. With this arcade stick you can play your favorite games on your iPad. Available here.

Nintento controller wallet
We all loved the sweet touch of a Nintendo controller in our hands. This wallet is a great reminder of those beautiful days. Available here.

Video game ties
You can geek-up your casual Fridays with these awesome video game ties. Available here.

Nintendo wallpaper
Finally we can decorate our room with one of the most iconic games ever! Check these Super Mario Wall Stickers. Available here.